Free Version of Stagraph

The free version of the program provides a good starting point for working with Stagraph. Its use is also good if you want to work directly in the R language without a user interface in the future. The program will allow you to understand the logic and functionality of selected R language packages and functions without worrying about its proper writing. Conversely, if you are already working with the R language, the program can help you make full use of selected packages, especially from the Tidyverse group. An example can be a custom definition of a chart theme. Using the program makes it much easier to define than to set it directly through the R script.

A free version of Stagraph can be considered as a full-featured tool for data preparation and analysis. The Professional version only extends its options. Stagraph is not the easiest program to use in its category. But if you understand its simple and direct logic, you will find it difficult to find a program that allows you to save as much time as Stagraph when working with data.

Stagraph Free

Stagraph Professional

Data Import

All features are available in both editions without limitations.

Data Wrangling

All features are available in both editions without limitations.

Data Visualization

In the Free version, you can create 2D plots with limited options. Unlimited are coordinate systems, themes, plot faceting options and scales. Statistical layers are not available and only basic geometries (geom_point, geom_bar, geom_col, geom_text, geom_line and geom_path) can be used.

In the Free version, you can create Pairs Plots with predefined geometries. You can setup theme, basic and aesthetic properties. Custom definitions of pairs segments (lower, upper, diagonal) are not available.
In the Professional version, it is possible to work without limits with more than 80 geometric layers and 50 statistical layers.

In the Pro version, you have full access to Pairs Plots definition and setup.


Functions from the Publish section are not limited in the Free version. The only limitation is that you can't export individual objects and the entire project as a R language script. This option is only available in the Professional version.

Work with Projects

In the Free version, you can open an existing project. If the project includes features from the Professional version, these will be excluded in the Free version. Features such as Project Save, Partial Import / Export or conversion to clean R script are only in the Professional version. In the Professional version, you can use all the features to work with Stagraph projects. You can save your current project, partially import or export your project and finally you can export the whole project to the R script.
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