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Download The Right Stagraph Installation Package

In the download section you can choose from two installation packages - Stagraph + R and Stagraph. The Stagraph + R package includes all required components – Stagraph software, R runtime environment and all the necessary packages. After the installation is everything ready to use. This installation package reaches 220 MB. The Stagraph package contains only the Stagraph software (5 MB), without the R runtime and related packages. If you install this package, it is expected that the R runtime is currently installed on your computer. In this case, it is necessary to manually connect the Stagraph with installed R runtime (in Stagraph settings). After this linking, you can use full Stagraph options. The program was created and tested for R 3.4.2 and ggplot

Difference Between The Free And Professional Version

The Stagraph is distributed differently (from version 2.0) - under the freemium licensing model. All functions for data import and wrangling are unlimited. The functions for data visualization are limited. A complete description of the Free version limits can be found here.

Annual or Perpetual License

Stagraph Professional can be used with the Annual or Perpetual license. You can choose the edition that suits your needs. If you choose the Perpetual license, you can use purchased version of the Stagraph permanently. If you choose the Annual license, you are eligible to use the program for one year from the license activation date. In this case, you can always use the latest Stagraph version. Nowadays, the Stagraph software is quite dynamically developed and therefore I recommend you to choose the Annual license. If the current version is sufficient for your needs, select the Perpetual license and use it permanently. One license you can use only on one computer, but your license may be optionally transferred between your computers. Stagraph license can be purchased here.

How To Buy License

For the license ordering is used an online payment gateway - well known and secure You can pay by credit card, through PayPal or by Wire Transfer. After the payment processing we will send you (to your email) your license code for the Professional version activation. License you can purchase here.

How To Activate The Professional Version

After installing you have always the Free version. To use the Professional version, you need to active your license. This activation is very simple. Click on the Attach License button in the application main menu.

In displayed dialog enter your email address and activation code. Finally, press the Register License button. For license activation / deactivation is required an internet connection. Program will check your license and the Professional version will be activated. After Stagraph restart, you can use all functions and features of the Professional version without restrictions.