How to Stagraph

Documentation currently does not correspond with the Stagraph in 2.0 version. The upate will come soon.

Before The Start

Important information you should know before you buy a full license. Where to download software, how to choose the right license and how to activate it.

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R Runtime

The R statistical programming language is running on the Stagraph background. Here you will find more information about the R runtime.

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User Interface

Basic description of the Stagraph user interface, its functionality, specification and structure.

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Data Import

How to import data into the program? What types of data can you import? Is it possible to import data that is not directly supported?

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Data Wrangling

A description of the functions and features you can use for input data cleaning, wrangling, combining and processing before the visual exploration.

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A complete description of the data visualization in Stagraph. How to map data, how to define aesthetics, geometry layers and other objects, how to create interactive charts and animations.

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Pairs Plot

In addition to the basic 2D plot, you can also create pair plots. Here you will learn how to create and setup them.

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Other Visuals

The resulting data visualization may be a combination of text, plot, pairs plot, and other objects. In this section you will learn how to do it.

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The section is focused on results publication. You can publish both processed datasets and visualizations in static or interactive forms.

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Section for frequently asked questions.

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Old Documentation

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