MEZonator (2) – Features

Published on Friday, May 19, 2017 by Milos Gregor

In the previous post, I described the motivation and conditions for creating an online monitoring system app for contaminated sites that is based on open source technologies. In this post I will introduce the application functionality.

Although the application runs in the browser, it is not accessible to everyone and can be displayed only under selected static IP addresses. Outside our institution and regional centers is not available. I would like to show you what can be done using the open source Shiny Server and R language. That’s why I created the following video. This video shows in speed the features that can be used. Currently, the application is not finalized and only ready parts will be displayed. What I’m introducing in the video I created in one month and described technology (Shiny Sever) I have never used before. So look at the following video.

Application is relatively fast and offers quite a bit of functionality in current state. I continue to work on it. In the following posts I will introduce and describe how you can create the same application yourself. If you would like to help with the development or you have a problem with someone, you can contact me. If I know and can, I’d like to help.

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