Stagraph 1.1 is Available

Published on Tuesday, January 24, 2017 by Milos Gregor

Relatively soon, after Stagraph 1.0 release follows the update to 1.1. The reason for quick update is a new version of the ggplot2 package on which Stagraph running.

The number of new features and improvements in this release is in the background, but some also affected the Stagraph interface and visualization options in the program. Since v 1.1, software supports ggplot2 in version 2.2.1. The most important innovations (which affect Stagraph GUI) include:

  • new geometry ”geom_col”
  • plot subtitle and caption
  • new options and improvements of plot faceting
  • better stack position properties
  • plot styling improvements

Furthermore, a number of arguments and properties have been modified for individual plot objects. For example, it is now possible sets the axes positions (left – right or top – bottom) and create secondary continuous axis by function.

Same as for previous version, the Stagraph 1.1 can be installed in Basic or Full edition. More about ggplot2 package update you can found here.