Stagraph 2.0 is Available

Published on Friday, January 19, 2018 by Milos Gregor

This week we finally launched the Stagraph 2.0. The difference between versions 1.2 and 2.0 is huge. It’s so big that the documentation prepared for the previous version lost its relevance. I will work on the new documentation and tutorials in the near future.

Stagraph is a software package that can be fully used to work with your data. Its features can be divided into 4 groups – data import, data wrangling, data visualization and results publishing. The core of the program are mainly functions of the data wrangling and data visualization group, in which is Stagraph very powerful.

Stagraph interface allows you to connect directly to basic file types (Excel, CSV, DBF), you can load data from databases (via ODBC Connection) or you can create a custom dataset in a build-in spreadsheet. In addition, you can retrieve data from practically any data source using external R packages.

Data cleaning, combining and preprocessing has never been so easy. Stagraph uses top data scientist's R packages for this purpose. Using the Grammar of Data you can wrangle your data very effectively, quickly and easily inside the best user interface. In special cases, you can also use SQL or R scripts.

Using the Grammar of Graphics, you can visually explore your data in the same way as you think. Combine more than 80 geometries, 50 statistical functions, 7 annotation layers, 90 scales, 7 coordinate systems, 6 faceting options, 28 themes and custom objects in a very straightforward user interface. Create highly effective and visually impressive statistical graphics in a few simple steps.

You can publish pre-processed data and created data visualizations in variable forms - vector or raster, static, interactive or animated, offline or online. In addition, all your steps & clicks in Stagraph are automatically converted into scripts in R language, so you are not closed with your projects under one closed (black-box) technology.

Another significant change is the freemium licensing. This means that the basic version is free of charge. The Professional version only extends its functionality. The character of the program is quite different compared to other similar solutions. The Stagraph ranges between classic visual desktop programs and professional data science programming languages. The goal is to use the best of both worlds in one environment. Do not hesitate to try the free version. If will be useful for you, please share it to your friend and colleagues. If you have any problem with this program, comment or question, please contact me. I will be happy to get any response.