In this chapter is introduced the core functionality of the Stagraph software – data visualization of imported and preprocessed datasets. Statistical graphics is in Stagraph created otherwise than in similar programs. It's caused by the ggplot2 package. This R package uses the Grammar of Graphics logic to producing the data visualizations. With the Stagraph you will be able to create impressive charts and data visualizations very quickly and easily. Besides the basic functionality, it is possible to extend the basic functionality through an optional R packages and cusom R code. In this chapter, you will learn everything required for data visualization production.

Grammar of Graphics

Author of the Grammar of Graphics methodology (Leland Wilkinson) tries to find a system (logical approach) for data visualization definition - through simple steps (definition objects). If you use any of the Grammar of Graphics implementations, you can create very impressive and complex data visualizations using a small number of simple steps. How it looks when you create data visualization using the described approach is displayed in the following video.

In this documentation chapter is described the practical implementation of the Grammar of Graphics in the ggplot2 package. ggplot2 package you can use in two modes. You can create your plots in the "console mode" (write R scripts directly to R console) or in "GUI mode" (point-and-click Stagraph interface). Using the Stagraph GUI you can start practically immediatelly. Required R scripts are created automatically, according to your steps in application. Stagraph interface helps you in many ways. You don't need to start with R programming at first. You can understand the logic of the ggplot2 package witout coding. Later, if the Stagraph will not meet your increased demands, you can move to the "console mode" where are your options (of course) more extensive. Hovewer, even in the GUI mode you can create very useful and good looking plots.

Plots in Project Panel

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Plots in Properties Panel

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