geom_tile is geometry layer for rectangles rendering which are defined by the center of rectangle and by its size (x, y, width, height)


x, y, width, height required position aesthetics
alpha, colour, fill, group, line type, size classic aesthetics properties

Similar Geometries

geom_rect, geom_raster, geom_polygon

Description and Details

Using the described geometry, you can insert geometric object into your data visualization – layer of rectangles that are defined by two positional aesthetic properties – x and y and by two size properties – width and height. You can find this geometry in the ribbon toolbar tab Layers, under the 3D button.

You can add rectangles into the data visualization using three types of geometry layers – geom_raster, geom_rect and geom_tile. Each of these layers is defined in a different way. geom_tile is defined by the coordinate of rectangle center and by its width and height. You can manually set these parameters or map to selected dataset variables. The example is shown in the following figure. In this case, we’ve created three squares using three center coordinates. The fill aesthetic property was defined as the array of numerical values. The program rendered a tile layer and since we have not defined the size properties, automatically has been set to fill all available space.

Tiles width and height you can define as well as their coordinates. You can set these properties as a constant value for all tiles or individually. In the following plot, we've set constant value for all of the squares at once.

The previous examples shown how the geom_tile layer can be directly set. The second option is to map individual aesthetic properties to selected variables from the dataset.