Data Import Workflow in Stagraph

Published on Thursday, March 8, 2018 by Milos Gregor

In data science tools (data wrangling - data analytics - data visualization), very important is efficient, fast and simple data import from a variety of sources . It is also important for Stagraph software.

This post should not be about the individual features that Stagraph offer for data import. Is should be about the overall workflow around the data import. What you can do with the data immediately after importing the data? Before the data pre-processing, wrangling, cleaning and visualization? In this step, Stagraph offers a number of features.

Imported datasets you can access through the Project Panel. In this panel you will find a list of all imported datasets. If you click on the selected one, a list of variables is displayed. If you want to simply browse your data, you can use the built-in Data Preview Document, you can automatically create interactive data tables of imported data or their statistical summation. Another option is to use an interactive interface for the Pivot Tables.

The overall data import workflow is the topic of the following video-tutorial.

All the features shown in the tutorial are available in the free version without restrictions. Please try free version / comment / share.