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5 days, 11 hours, 47 minutes, 17 seconds

20 December, 2018

Is the exact time during which I had problems with my websites and related services. It was not for the first time.

Process Your Excel Data Simpler and Faster

27 October, 2018

This month I released new tool. Reshape.XL is a general purpose tool for effective data processing (wrangling) in Excel. This tool is released as a small installable add-in for Excel.

CSV Files in Stagraph

18 June, 2018

If you are working with data, you probably have them stored in Excel files, databases or in CSV files. This post is about CSV files, their import and use in the Stagraph environment.

Databases in Stagraph 2.1

7 June, 2018

To access data from databases, we use in Stagraph the data_database function. Since databases are an important source of data, we have paid much attention to developing the visual interface for database connection and data retrieving.

Powered By R

15 May, 2018

Programming language R is a favored environment for working with data. The number of R users is already reported in millions. Thanks to its capabilities and functionality it can be used in many forms. Selection from the current options is provided by the following article.

FAQ: Is Stagraph Open Source?

9 May, 2018

Quite often I get the question of whether Stagraph is open source. The quick answer is - no. In the following text I would like to make a more detailed statement on this subject.

Stagraph & Power BI Desktop [Part 2]

20 April, 2018

In the previous article, we have shown how to link the Stagraph with Power BI Desktop. In this article we will show you some practical examples. If you want to create professional statistical graphics in Power BI and you do not have R programming skills, integration with Stagraph can be very useful for you.

Stagraph & Power BI Desktop [Part 1]

15 April, 2018

In the following article series I want to show you how you can use Stagraph in conjunction with Microsoft Power BI Desktop. With Stagraph you can greatly expand your options in Power BI without programming. In the first article I describe how you can link Power BI Desktop with Stagraph. In the second article, will be presented practical application.

Stagraph 2.1

9 April, 2018

A new version of Stagraph is available today. This release brings several new features. These updates improves the work with the current Stagraph functionality.

How to Import Data Into Stagraph

27 March, 2018

Data import is an important part of work in Stagraph. Using the features in this section, you can import data from different sources into memory and work with them. In the How to - Data Import section have been added new chapters.

Minor Stagraph Update

24 March, 2018

Stagraph software has been updated. This is just a small update.

Data Import Workflow in Stagraph

8 March, 2018

In data science tools (data wrangling - data analytics - data visualization), very important is efficient, fast and simple data import from a variety of sources . It is also important for Stagraph software.

Intro to Stagraph 2.0 User Interface

22 February, 2018

A well-designed application interface can increase your productivity by hundreds of percent. If the application interface is reactive, you have quick and easy access to all program capabilities. Today you have the choice of selecting from a lot of ready-made applications. 90 % of their functionality is practically identical.

Stagraph 2.0 is Available

19 January, 2018

This week we finally launched the Stagraph 2.0. The difference between versions 1.2 and 2.0 is huge. It’s so big that the documentation prepared for the previous version lost its relevance. I will work on the new documentation and tutorials in the near future.

Screenshots From Coming Stagraph 2.0

14 December, 2017

I plan to release the new Stagraph version very soon. The difference in features, functionality and workflow is amazing. If you used one of the previous versions, you will find that it is actually a new software. The basic logic of its use remains the same, it has only been extended. The following text briefly describes the basic news. Excepting functionality, the licensing model will also be changed (more at the end of post).

Stagraph Celebrates First Year

2 October, 2017

Today it’s been exactly a year since I launched publicly the first version of Stagraph – desktop software for visual data exploration and statistical graphics.

Stagraph 1.2 is Available

4 August, 2017

From now on, you can download the new version of Stagraph.

MEZonator (2) – Features

19 May, 2017

In the previous post, I described the motivation and conditions for creating an online monitoring system app for contaminated sites that is based on open source technologies. In this post I will introduce the application functionality.

MEZonator (1) – How to Build Environmental Monitoring System Based on Open Source Technologies

9 May, 2017

In this series, I would like to introduce an internal online environmental monitoring system that I’m building in my work (Geological Survey). Gradually, in several posts I will introduce the technologies, architecture and options of its practical use.

New Chapters in the User Manual

22 April, 2017

In the "How To" section I have added new chapters for Stagraph documentation. I have added texts and pictures in two chapters, namely Data Preprocessing (5) and Visualization (6).

New User Manual Chapter - Import Data

4 March, 2017

New section of Stagraph documentation is now available.

Stagraph Quick Start Guide

11 February, 2017

Since the full documentation of the program is not yet completed, I decided to give you a quick start guide in the form of video tutorial.

Connect Stagraph to R

4 February, 2017

In Stagraph is used 32-bit R runtime in version 3.3.2. Is it possible to use newer (future) version? With higher version of ggplot2 package? How to connect Stagraph with externally installed R runtime?

Stagraph 1.1 is Available

24 January, 2017

Relatively soon, after Stagraph 1.0 release follows the update to 1.1. The reason for quick update is a new version of the ggplot2 package on which Stagraph running.

R Console in Stagraph

18 January, 2017

As mentioned earlier, all calculations and rendering of statistical graphics is done in R Runtime. This Runtime is hidden in the background. If you need to access this interface directly (custom processing, calculations ...), you can display in program built-in R Console.

Stagraph – Tool for Visual Data Exploration

12 December, 2016

Long time I seek for a solution how to create general purpose software for fast and efficient data analysis. My idea is software that will be able to retrieve data from wide range of sources, process them and then visualize.

Stagraph is Available

11 December, 2016

Stagraph software is already possible to install.

Stagraph Use Cases

30 November, 2016

New intro video. Examples of the use.

Stagraph Features

14 November, 2016

Today I publish the first Stagraph intro video that describes basic Stagraph functions and features.

Multiple Monitor Support

28 October, 2016

Architecture of Stagraph interface allows you to use the full advantage of multiple monitors.

First screenshots of coming software for statistical graphics

21 October, 2016

The last months I am working intensively on Stagraph software development. This software solve import data from various sources (databases, files, web services, shape files …) their subsequent processing (cleaning, linking, selection, grouping, summarizing …) and final visualization.


19 September, 2016

Last time we introduce the Grammar of Graphics – logical definition for statistical graphics definition. Package ggplot2 represent its practical implementation in R language. All visualizations, which are formed in Stagraph, are generated using the ggplot2 package. To understand the options of the Stagraph software, ggplot2 package will be described closer.

The Grammar of Graphics

11 September, 2016

The Stagraph software is based on a deeper theory prepared by Leland Wilkinson (1999), which he called Grammar of Graphics. Grammar of Graphics is a logical construction for statistical graphics definition in a few easy steps. If you use a tool based on the Grammar of Graphics, you will find the environment and work is fundamentally different from other classical tools.

The Stagraph Project Starts

1 September, 2016

Today I begin publicly with the new software project. The purpose of this software is fast production of statistical graphics and visual exploration of multidimensional data.